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3D TV…read this before you invest thousands of dollars



3D televisions are here. Now you can be part of the action-taking place in a nail biting, cliff hanging scene in a James Bond movie. Wait…is that really true for every person wearing the 3D glasses? Unfortunately, there are significant numbers of people who will not be able to see the exhilarating effects of 3D because of binocular problems. The reason we have two eyes is so we can see depth, or stereopsis. Depth of perception (3D effect) can be affected by various eye conditions. Conditions that can affect depth of perception are:

  • Strabismus:
  • is a condition when at straight-ahead gaze, one eye is either turned in (Esotropia) or out (Exotropia).

  • Phoria:
  • is a condition when, at straight-ahead gaze, both eyes are either turned out (Exophoria) or turned in (Esophoria).

  • Amblyopia:
  • Both strabismus and Phoria problems can lead to Amblyopia, usually known as “lazy eye”. Amblyopia is a condition when one eye is unable to be corrected to 20/20 with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Different prescriptions in each eye can also cause Amblyopia. The brain will use the eye with least correction, thereby, depriving the eye with the high prescription of sensory input and making it “lazy”.

Bottom line, if you or someone in your family has only one good eye correctable to 20/20, do not waste your money on a 3D TV.

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